Vietnamese culture - Hue royal city

Overview of Vietnamese culture

Welcome to Vietnam, an ancient country with a complex history and an even more complex culture. Today’s Vietnamese culture is a patchwork of traditions. First, there were the ancient Dong Son communities from the millennium before Christ. Add ancient and modern Chinese influences, leftover traces from the French colonial period. Include a mishmash of traditions […]

ao yem

Yem, the Traditional Backless Dress

Vietnamese women are defined by both their delicacy, as well as their strength in times of hardship; Ao Yem dresses are a classic embodiment of the grace and power of the Vietnamese woman. Once simply called ‘yem’, the ancient article of women’s clothing Ao Yem is an iconic testament to Vietnamese elegance. Along-side ‘áo dài’, […]

Safety tips for Vietnam

Safety Tips: Staying Safe in Vietnam

Millions of multi-national tourists annually flock to Vietnam, one of Mekong’s hottest holiday destinations. This year alone has already recorded a whopping 4,005,878 arrivals. Most visits are enjoyable and trouble-free. For “westerners”, Vietnam’s uniqueness could be a challenge, at first, to get used to, especially without prior knowledge of the Southeast Asian culture and peculiarities. […]